Schoology App Reviews

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Jesus Christ

This app gave me intense eye cancer know Im dead you cunts

Love this app

Been using Schoology for a few years, and cant sing the praises enough. While there are things Id love to see enhanced, its been a great addition to the classroom.


This app has completely change my school. We take tests on schoology, we can check our grades 24-7, and if we miss school we dont have to worry because all of our assignments are online! This app is amazing and I encourage every school to use this app!


Messages disappear when you leave the app

Cant do anything

Will not let anybody find my school it says no schools found

Needs improvements

1) It would be very useful if some functions could also work offline, for example: attendance, creating discussions,...! The app could be programmed so that as soon as the network is available, the app automatically syncs the offline data with server 2) The interface could be improved! A flat design might be interesting 3) some web version functions are inactive in the program

Just bad

Glad to know it can decide to delete over an hours worth of work on it on its own. Thanks


o harambe i love you forever and always (:


I cannot add any courses and its very aggravating. Fix it, please.

Good for connecting

It is good for connecting to school and need help of some sort and to warn you whats coming up for test or quizzes.

Overdue Calendar

I noticed that in the web version there is an overdue calendar, but not in the app? Having that section in the calendar would be awesome for making sure no assignments are overdue.

Logs out every time

Every time I go in to the app I have to log back in. It is a waste of my time and space and I would rather use safari.

Inferior and lacking in modern features

I tell my students to use the web version in Safari instead. There are features missing from the app that we have in the web version. Why? Also, this app STILL doesnt support deep linking and slide over/split screen on iPad. Why?? They only benefit to having the app installed is getting push notifications. So, I guess dont launch it after the first time.

Keeps crashing

Ive redownload this app about 5 times and it keeps crashing please fix

Great App

Useful to help me stay connected while Im on the go. Would like to see continued enhancements!


Gives me live updates on assignments, shows me everything I need to know.


The apps UI is unappealing and heavy. The app lacks functionality that the website has. Im sad to say that the website is more mobile friendly than the mobile app itself.

Hate it

If Im 1 min. Late past due time I get points off. Plus its a learning app no one likes it


Tapping "Load More Comments" causes the app to close.


Its a terrible app, and is very strict and it is soooooooooo terribly bad

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