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After update: You did everything I said and now the app is 10x better Before update: Its a great way to view your assignments and stuff but lacks in many areas. It would be great if you could submit stuff using Dropbox also if you were be able to open and view files given in the assignments.

I like One Direction.

THIS LOOKS ALOT LIKE FACEBOOK. Lol but the app works well and the website does too. One thing you could add is maybe to allow students to post things like photos, attachments and statuses. Kinda sorta like Facebook. Overall, great app.


Wont let you respond to upcoming assignments or submit assignments

Great site

Use it all the time with my class, great for homework reminders and worksheeets


I cry every time

fun idea

this app is so useful and easy to use i really wish all of my teachers would use it

Hasnt Reached Potential Yet

As a teacher this app is potentially very useful and helpful with an easy interface and many functions. I can write updates, check and mark assignments, post assignments and communicate with students. However the app strives for too much functionality and results in a hit-and-miss experience. Most functions work but many are buggy and just doesnt do what it was intended. Example, changes in notification settings dont work. Example, email updates do not allow you to easily connect directly to that message so you can reply. Its hard to pin point the nuances that just make this app seem rough around the edges. Customer support is very good and thats why I gave a 3-star, because overall it is usable and useful. Conclusion: use it but its functions are limited and not everything works.


This is a great app

Good app all around!

Recommended for anyone! There is one negative is that the when writing is too long it sometimes writes over other text making it hard to read, mostly on comments/discussion

Fix the discussion!

I love the site and most of the app works great, but replying in discussions are buggier than Arachnophobia. Attachments show under the wrong post and replies are also made to the wrong post. FIX PLEASE!!!!


İ cant see my attendance in mobil app version.

Italian language

This is a very good instrument for teaching but it would be perfect if it were in italian. My students would have less problems in comprehension. Teacher Nava La trovo ottima e completa come piattaforma didattica. Attualmente la utilizzo per un progetto di Istruzione domiciliare per una studente malata. Prof. Nava

-Will was here!

R.I.P. Harambe


This site is very waffles

Issue Logging In

Hi, I use Schoology everyday at school, and recently, I updated to iOS 10 and now every time I launch the app it makes me sign in. I was wondering that if you read this, you might be able to fix this issue. Thank you in advance.

Not Teacher Friendly

Considering how much our school district paid for Schoology, one would think its app was teacher friendly in every aspect. I am very disappointed and frustrated because of its limitations. The web version is fine. The app needs an overhaul. The app would be more beneficial if it had the same functions as the web version.


Vary helpful and easy to use. I use it for 3 classes and it has never given any problems before.

How bad it is

Cant say how it is because I couldnt even log on.


This app is deaf to the sins of this world

Logs out every time.

Your iOS 10 compatibility update is doing more harm than good. When you refresh the app you are logged out and have to log back in (very annoying). This is happening in 10.0.0 and 10.0.2 only. Please fix asap. A student needs his Schoology back.

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